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Glee Confessions
Anonymous: Is this blog still active? It's been while since I've seen any confessions posted.

I guess we sort of went on a break, everybody’s been totally busy, and quite honestly I have no idea where the rest of the team is (though I do hope they come back), but I’ll try my best to post all the confessions in our inbox :) Though I might need to change some a bit or maybe even delete some since they’re pretty old and things have changed since they were sent in.

Also, I accidentally deleted one about Ryder. The confessor said that Ryder isn’t perfect and that Ryder stans should calm down about him because not everybody likes him and some people think he’s creepy. I’m really sorry to whoever sent it!

Woah, what an episode! I’m still shaking… Let us know what you thought of Bash! Send your confessions, opinions, accolades and critiques now!

Hey Gleeks! While we get to the confessions, let us know what you think of Klaine! Send your confessions now!

Anonymous: how do i submit? when i click on 'rules' it just takes me to the main blog.

I don’t think it does, sweetie. When you click on rules, you need to scroll down to see the rules.

But, to answer your question, you just click on ‘message’ and send your confession! Just like you just sent this question! We’ll get to it ASAP.

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